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Hi there!

Welcome to Undress beta.

Our goal is to connect you to wardrobes around the world so you can live gently and travel lightly.

It's a big goal and you’re seeing the very start.

Undress is being refined, improved and polished everyday. There’s a bunch of new features to come. Oh and a whole lot more wardrobes coming soon!

Happy sharing.

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From streetwear to high-end, access a whole new world of fashion.
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Meet Bronya

Bronya lives in sunny Brisbane and loves beautiful clothes .

A glittery ball gown, a cute Sunday brunch dress, the ultimate Zimmerman jumpsuit and a classic Sass & Bide dress. These are the quality items that hang in Bronya's wardrobe.

Bronya believes in quality over quantity.

1 Upload
Bronya uploads images of her items and Undress approves item uploads within 24 hours.
2 Approve
Bronya is alerted whenever a borrower requests one of her items. She can then approve and coordinate item collection in her Undress Dashboard.
3 Get paid
When the borrower returns her item, her payment is transferred directly into her nominated bank account.
“I love having a side-hustle like Undress. I get to meet heaps of cool people, find style inspiration and share my wardrobe. It’s so easy and who doesn’t like extra pocket money to do fun things, like go to Bali!”

- Bronya from Brisbane
Want to list an item?

How does it work?

First, create an Undress account, upload photos of your clothes and set a price for each item. People will request to borrow your items and you can approve them in the Dashboard. Once the borrower has worn your item and brought it back, we transfer the payment into your nominated bank account.

How do I get the item to the borrower?

The borrower will pick up from you. Use our messenger feature to arrange a time and place with the borrower.

How do payments work?

We process the payment for you so it’s all automatic. No stress with cash. Once the borrower returns your item, the money goes straight into your nominated bank account.

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Want to borrow an item?

How does it work?

Browse garments in your area. Request to book. Confirm and Pay. Look 10/10. Return the item. Repeat.

How do I return my item?

Drop it back to the owner. Use our messenger feature to arrange a time and place with the owner.

What if I damage the item?

It's okay, accidents happen. You will be charged a repair or replacement cost, depending on the damage. It's just like borrowing from a friend, take extra care when you're wearing their clothes.

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